Vine Groups
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The Vine ministry consists of small home groups that promote healthy Christian relationships, Bible study, and evangelism.

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The Vine groups meet weekly to study God's Word, be encouraged by others and plan ways to reach out to our neighbors. We strive to connect with each other in spiritual community.


A Vine group is a group of eight to fifteen adults and their children that meet on a regular basis to glorify God, build relationships, develop leadership and motivate each other to grow in faith. It provides a safe place for meaningful discussion and motivation while encouraging relationships and spiritual growth.



- I will keep what I see and hear in the group confidential.
- I will always tell the truth whenever I speak to the group.
- I will accept each member of the group unconditionally.
- I will not impose my will or my judgement on any other member of the group.
- I will be loyal in attending scheduled meetings of the group.



- A spiritual resource to achieve intimacy and closeness
- A resource for spiritual enrichment
- A source to be truthful and honest
- Not to minimize sin, but to maximize grace and forgiveness.
- Encouragement and prayer from others.


Why should I join?
- It is the best way to connect with others at Louisville.
- To build authentic relationships which God designed us for (to be known, accepted and loved).
- To become more like Jesus.
- It is the best way to give and receive care and support.
- Vine groups are a natural place to bring your friends who do not know Christ.


When can I join?
- You can join most Vine groups anytime throughout the year.


How do I join?
- Contact Bob Ertel 
- Check the lobby and bulletin boards for brochures and listings
- Ask people you know about their group