Go and Tell
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Go and Tell is a ministry designed to spread the gospel to other parts of the USA and the world.

Leaders: Tim Keith, Lewis Yoder


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Mark 16:15 – “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.”

Jesus before He left this earth commanded His disciples to “go into all the world” and “preach

the good news (the Gospel).” The key word here is “go”. Many churches today have gotten away

from going and spend much time remaining idle. In fact, we try our best to attract the masses to

us, when Jesus simply said “go”. Go where? Into all the world, the community around you, the

work place, the schools, sporting events…etc.


So, just what is “The Gospel”? In Mark Jesus refers to it as “Good News”. A good working

definition is “the joyful message from God that leads us to salvation.” The Gospel message

answers four big questions: Who is God? Why are we such a mess? What did Christ do? And

how can we get back to God?


This ministry, “Go & Tell”, is Louisville’s evangelistic ministry that “Goes” with the Gospel and

“Tells” it to our neighbors. So, what is evangelism? A good biblical definition might be: “the

teaching of the Gospel with the aim to persuade.” Teaching is involved because there is no

evangelism without words. Teaching the Gospel, because it is Good News that saves and the

world needs salvation. Aiming, for there is a target and our aim helps us remember that much is

at stake. We persuade, not forcing or manipulating, but realizing we are not the ones who bring

about repentance or conversion. We sow the seed and the Lord causes the growth.

So, whether we go to a laundry mat helping someone do their laundry, or set up grills at an

apartment complex to cook dinner for people, our goal is partially to serve, but our ultimate goal

is to help people realize they are lost and need a Savior.


God has blessed us through this ministry to serve locally and also afar. Several years ago we

went to a little town called Ituni in Guyana, South America. By “Going” and “Telling” the

Gospel, God blessed us with planting a New Testament church there.


Do you have a passion for the lost? This command to “Go” and “Tell” was not only for the early

disciples but for each of us who has decided to become a Christ follower. If you feel God pulling

at your heart to share your faith, but struggle with just how to do that, you are not alone. This

ministry will help and encourage you to do just that as we equip and train one another with the

confidence to “Go and Tell”.