Dollars & Sense

Jul 3, 2022    Brian Grubbs

What the Bible really says about Money.

This morning we begin a new series titled, "Dollars and Sense - What the Bible really says about money." There are several topics that we find difficult talking about as Christians and one of them is money. We need money in order to give and in order to live yet, money is one of the greatest enemies when it comes to our loyalty to GOD. Jesus teaches us that it is impossible to serve both GOD and money. Our hope is that when everything is all said and done with this series is that we will have a better Biblical view of money. Learning that the money that we have and that we will receive doesn't belong to us first and foremost. For many, that is a tough pill to swallow.

We need money in order to ________ and in order to _______.
The more _________ that something has the more one will _____ after it.
Whatever you _____, you cannot get ____ of.
We are to _____ GOD with our _____ - ______.
______ are made to ____ ______, very rarely are _____ made to _____.
Purposeful _____ increases our _______.
Purposeful _____ empowers ______.
I will not _____ in ______, but in HIM who _____ provides.